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I'm Not Ready For This: How To Survive The Holidays When You're Going Through A Divorce

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The holidays can be difficult when you're going through a divorce. They can be even worse if you have kids. Surviving the holidays during a divorce doesn't have to be impossible. Here are four simple steps you can take to help you get through the holidays now that you're divorcing.

Plan Visitation Schedules in Advance

There's nothing worse than trying to figure out last minute visitation plans. Not only is it hard on you and your spouse, it's also stressful for your child. To help the holidays go more smoothly, be sure to plan your visitation schedule well in advance. If you have older children, be sure to take their feelings into consideration when planning the schedule. For instance, if they have cousins that they want to visit with, be sure to schedule visits so they can spend time with extended family from both sides.

Adjust Schedules to Accommodate Joint Friends

When it comes to divorce one of the most difficult things to do is split the friends. If you and your spouse share common friends, you'll both want to spend time with them during the holidays. If you're not ready to see your spouse socially, sit down and adjust your holiday schedules so that you can both spend time with your friends. One way to do that is to split the party in half, with one of you attending the first half of the party, while the other spouse attends the second half.

Request a Mediator

If you and your spouse are finding it difficult to get communicate effectively, it's time to request the assistance of a mediator. Talk to your divorce attorney about scheduling an appointment for you and your spouse. Mediation can help couples deal with issues associated with all aspects of divorce, including the uncomfortable responsibilities of scheduling visitation, making adjustments to schedules, and other aspects that might be too painful to deal with individually.

Make New Traditions

If all your holiday traditions are tied up with your spouse, it's time to make new traditions. Developing your own traditions will help you adjust to your new life as a single person, rather than holding on to traditions that might be painful for you to endure. If you have children, create new traditions that you can enjoy together. Encourage your spouse to do the same thing with the children. This will help them find realize that you both want to build strong family relationships with them.

To learn more, contact a divorce lawyer.