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3 Ways To Cope With Stress When Facing A Contested Divorce

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Getting divorced is hard enough. But when the other party is fighting you and doesn't want the divorce to happen, that only makes things that much worse. You end up fighting twice as hard just to be able to dissolve the marriage and move on with your life. This gets frustrating even more so when you weren't the one who caused the problems in the first place. To help you deal with the stress and frustration of a contested divorce, follow the tips below.

Conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Regardless of how frustrated or angry you might be, you don't want to fly off the handle when going before the court. You need to conduct yourself in a calm, collected and professional manner. This will show that you are handling the whole situation gracefully and rising above the nonsense. Show the court that you are trying to deal with the situation to the best of your abilities and that the other party is the one being difficult.

Attempt to defuse any stressful situation.

If your ex is someone who likes to challenge you at every turn, the best thing you can do is try to defuse the situation and move on. Don't argue with them. It will only make matters worse. Attempt to change the subject and get them talking about something else. When all else fails, tell them that they need to go talk with their attorney about the situation and you will work through it that way. There is no need to stress yourself out even more over the situation, especially when the other party doesn't want to respond like an adult.

Have your attorney handle any situations where your ex is talking negatively about you to the children.

There is no need for the children to be brought into the whole mess. If your ex is constantly badmouthing you to your children, let your attorney know about it. They can write a letter on your behalf and send it to the other party's attorney. Children should never be used as a bargaining tool in a divorce. Just tell your attorney what your children have told you, and remember to watch what you say in front of your children as well.

By following the simple tips above, you can get through your divorce case quickly and easily, even when the other party is contesting it and trying to make matters difficult for you.

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