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How Can Collaborative Divorce Benefit Your Children?

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One of the most important jobs you will have as a parent is to shield your young children from the unpleasant parts of life. Although this is a hard task to take on, when it comes to your personal conflicts with your spouse, you should do your best to leave your children out of it. Unfortunately, during a divorce, children are often stuck in the middle of the conflict. For many children, surviving a messy divorce can also leave them dealing with long-lasting negative effects.

Collaborative Divorce Really Works

Collaborative divorce puts a great deal of emphasis on limiting the amount of impact the divorce process has on your kids. This process also allows each spouse the opportunity to work with their own divorce attorney, therapists and certified divorce coaches. From there, your individual teams of professionals collaborate together to come to a solution that works for both sides. This type of environment easily allows you and your spouse to limit your child's exposure to the divorce proceedings.

Can Collaborative Divorce Benefit Your Family?

In a typical divorce, if both sides cannot come to an agreement in a timely manner, the case may have to be decided on in court. When a divorce case goes in front of a judge, it can be very expensive and can take a very long time before any ruling is given.

The longer the divorce takes, the longer you and your kids will have to suffer. Your collaborative divorce attorney understands that it's in everyone's best interest to come to a conclusion before you end up in court.

Collaborative divorce is often a much faster and less expensive process. It also allows all final decisions on how to divide your assets to be made by you and your spouse, not a judge

Make a Kinder Choice

Collaborative divorce is a kinder, smarter and healthier way to end a marriage. It gives you an opportunity to figure out how to use your co-parenting skills and teaches both sides how to better communicate after the official split.

Because you have children together, you and your spouse will always be in each other's lives. Ultimately, it's in everyone's best interests to work together and put the kids first during the divorce process. Luckily, your divorce attorney, therapists and coaches can help you learn to better communicate and reduce conflicts, leaving everyone happy with the outcome of your divorce. If you're looking for a divorce attorney in your area, visit Blumenauer Hackworth.