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3 Situations That Warrant The Use Of A Divorce Attorney

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While divorces can and do happen amicably, there may be certain divorce situations that warrant the use of a divorce lawyer. While some people may choose not to seek out the services of a lawyer so as to save money, in some instances, it can be best for all involved. Below are three situations in which hiring a divorce attorney may be the best move you make.

The Divorce Stems From Abuse

Abuse -- whether physical, verbal or psychological – can complicate divorce proceedings considerably. If you've been abused, a divorce attorney can help you to get the services you need, and the divorce outcome that you deserve.

Divorce attorneys see abuse cases quite frequently, making them a great source for resources. They can point you in the direction of counselors, domestic violence support groups, and other such resources. Abuse can cause lasting scars, such as anxiety and fear. Having a divorce attorney by your side throughout the entire process can help to empower you and prevent your ex from playing your anxieties and fears against you.

Your Spouse Has Already Retained A Lawyer

Perhaps you'd have liked to go about your divorce without any lawyer involvement, but your spouse has already retained a lawyer for themselves anyways. In cases such as this, it's always a good idea to retain an attorney of your own.

While you can certainly proceed without your own legal aid, your odds of a favorable outcome can be considerably lowered simply because your spouse has an attorney and you don't. By hiring an attorney, you'll be equipping yourself with an experienced, knowledgeable professional who has only your best interests at heart.

You Fear That Your Ex May Be Hiding Things

There are a number of ways that ex-spouses can hide things from you. These things could financial, illegal, or otherwise unfavorable to their current information.

When you work with a divorce attorney, you may find things during the discovery phase that you wouldn't have been able to find on your own. Things such as hidden assets or secret affairs that can positively affect your outcome. This is especially important if children and custody are involved, and your ex is either trying to hide money for child support reasons or is hiding things such as illegal activities that could put your children in danger.

Divorce is tough. While not all divorce cases involve lawyers, there are certain situations in which hiring a lawyer can help you immensely during the process. To learn more about how an attorney can help you with your particular divorce situation, set up a consultation now. For more information, check websites like